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Ever used an essay writing service before? We’re talking about one where you expected the results to be excellent but it wasn’t up to standard? Well, you wouldn’t be the first. All assignments require some finesse and expertise to pull off well. We can guarantee this because we will assign you a professional essay writer from our ranks! Our team is made up of top-quality writers who are here to serve your needs.

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Writers with a literate background

We have made it our top priority to provide you with the best writing possible. It is one of the main reasons why we are so diligent with who we hire. Our writers come from various educational backgrounds. It is assured that they will work tirelessly to perfect your essay!

Make any number of changes to the essay

At the end of the day, the only person who should be satisfied with our work is the customer, which is you. If you have even the smallest of changes or suggestions, we will correct them for you at any time of the day. We know that not all our writing will come out perfectly the first time. Just send us any of your changes and our writer will gladly do it for you.

We offer a unique perspective

When you come to Essay Writers Today with a request, we don’t want to leave you disappointed in our service. Our writers are trained to use almost every style of writing and the content will always be 100% original. We also know that you won’t find our pieces anywhere else on the internet.

No more waiting for your essays to be complete

If you have an essay that needs to get done within the same day then you need to look no further than us. Our writers are trained to handle urgent writing tasks and will get them done. Even if you give us the task with a few hours left to spare, we will not delay finishing your work. Our writers are trained to finish everything quickly without compromising on quality. 

A customer support team 24/7

A writing service involves a lot of communication and understanding on both sides. There will always be questions and concerns that we both need to address. We understand this and have made sure that you are able to contact us easily at any time. Our dedicated online support team will work diligently to ensure you have a very good experience. You have our assurance that any concerns you have will be resolved soon.

A team of native English writers

There are some types of writing that require expertise and knowledge to write with. For example, a persuasive essay needs to convince the reader about the topic. As such, it requires the content to be written in a way that is assertive with your thoughts. It is for this reason that our team includes native English writers who understand the language well. Make use of a professional essay writer to complete any essay you have in the best possible manner.

Pricing that is meant to be affordable

We understand that you are coming to us for help. Our prices have been fixed based on the understanding of all the parties involved. Please keep in mind though that a lower price does not necessarily mean lower quality. It just means that we are giving you a cost-efficient method of finishing your work without breaking your bank.

Give us any topic to write about

When we say anything, we mean that we can write about any topic you can think of. We have some of the best writers on our team who are knowledgeable in many different topics. We understand that some topics can be difficult to understand and get your head around. But don’t worry, we have got you covered. Give our writers a chance to show you and your professor their expertise and we’re sure you’ll be coming back to us for more.

Plagiarism won’t detect any of our original writing

As with most colleges, if your college is strict on plagiarism policies then you have to make sure that your content is always original. Inside our service, we have our very own strict policies and plagiarism software to check any work before it goes out. All our work is run through this software to be 100% accurate. So you can be sure that our pieces are always unique.

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Privacy is guaranteed

Your information will never be shared with anyone else, even our writers!

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You don’t have to worry about getting late. We always finish on time!

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Find a writer who fits your requirements the most and choose them for your assignment.


1. Can I place an order at any time during the day?
Yes, you can place an order on our website at any time.
2. Will I be able to talk to your writer directly?
You can through a live chatbox that will appear once the writer is connected with your order.
3. If I am dissatisfied will you redo my paper?
To ensure your satisfaction you have our guarantee that we will rework your paper until you are satisfied.